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Jewelry for the seamstress

Here I am ready to write my first tutorial. I'm a little nervous.....silly, I know. I'm sure I'll leave something out so I would love feedback on this. Really!!!!

I keep all of my pins in a little plastic box and the other day I knocked it off the table with my fabric. Pins were everywhere. Time for a new home for my pins so I thought I'd make a pincushion bracelet so I had them close when I need them and I don't have to worry about spilling them all over the floor (again). So here we go.......

Pincushion Bracelet and Ring

Supplies Needed:

  • Scrap fabric

  • fusible batting or medium weight interfacing

  • Velcro

  • Polyfil

  • Scissors

  • Thread

Cut the fabric 3" x wrist measurement + 2" (My wrist is 7" so I cut mine 3"x9")

Cut 2 circle with a 3" diameter.

Cut velcro 1"

Cut the batting 1 1/5" x wrist measurement + 2" (I cut mine 1 1/5" x 9")

If you are using interfacingcsut it 3" x wrist measurement + 2"

Iron batting or interfacing to wrong side of fabric. If you are using batting iron it to one
side and not in the middle.

Like this.

Fold the fabric right sides together lenghtwise and sew one short edge and the long edge.

Turn right side out. I like to use a chopstick to do this. Then turn the raw edges in 1/4" and sew the opening shut.

Pin hook part of velcro 1/4" from edge and sew. I like to sew around the edge and then sew an x. I think it makes it a little sturdier. Turn the fabric over and a sew loop part of velcro the same way.

Put circles right sides together and sew leaving 1" opening.

Turn right side out and stuff

Set the cushion in the middle of the bracelet and hand stitch in place.
I used 2 running stitches.

You're all done!!! Put it on your wrist add some pins and you're ready to start sewing.

Now for the ring........
Supplies needed:
  • scrap fabric
  • polyfil
  • ponytail holder
  • scissors and thread
Cut 2 circles with a 2 1/2" diameter.
Sew same as pin cushion part on bracelet
Sew pincushion on to ponytail holder and you're done.

Put it on your finger and now you have your pins close at hand.
No pun intended!!!!


MaryJanes and Galoshes said...

What a great idea to use the ponytail holder! Very cute.