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It's a bird, it's a plane, it's SUPERMAN!!!!!

 Dakota loves to wear costumes and pretend he is super heroes. When my husband found these shirts at Old Navy we knew we needed to get these for Dakota's birthday. I wanted to make him a cape to go with the shirt so my husband suggested making a cape that attached tothe shirt (that way they are always together and we won't be searching for one or the other). They turned out really nice!

Here is what I did

Lay shirt on top of fabic and cut the top of the fabric to match the neckline and shoulders of the shirt.

Fold over edge of fabric 1/2" and zig zag stitch all edges.

Now it's time to make your emblem. I just traced the emblem on the front of the shirt onto freezer paper.

Cut it out so it looks like this.

Iron it, shimy side down, to the felt.
Using a fabric pen trace your stencil. Inside and outside edges.

Cut it out leaving 1/2" around outer edge.

Iron on WonderUnder and then peel off paper backing.

Iron emblem onto cape. Make sure to use a pressing cloth so you don't melt the felt.

Sew emblem stitching on the outer black line.

Pin cape to back of shirt and sew in place.