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NO SEW Birthday Banner

This Sunday is Dakota and my birthday. We usually have their birthday parties on Saturdays so I always try to make the actual day special for my kids.  They get their own miniature cake on their birthday. I wanted to add something new. I was looking at other blogs for inspiration and I  found a cute fabric bunting here. I loved them and decided to make a birthday banner.   I loved them, but I wanted something super fast so I decided to make it out of felt.

Supplies Needed:

  • Felt (your choice of colors)

  • White sticky back felt

  • 1/8" wide ribbon

  • scissors

  • stencils

Here is the pattern I made to cut my pieces out with. It is lying on a 1" grid.
Cut 13 pieces of  felt. .

After they are cut out fold down the top 1/2" and snip a little slit big enough for your ribbon to go through.

Lay your sticky felt paper side up and draw or trace your letters backwards.

Cut the letters out, pull off the paper backing and apply to colored felt pieces.

Tie pieces together with ribbon. On the end pieces leave the ribbon long enough to hang up.