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A New Look

  I wanted to make Aiyanna a girly, frilly shirt she can wear on Valentunes' Day. I was looking though my trims and saw this and knew it would be perfect for what I wanted to do.

Supplies Needed:

  • shirt

  • rosette trim

  • thread

  • scissors

  • marking pen

 Draw a heart on the shirt.

If you look closely at the trim you will see the rosettes are attached to tulle. 

Sew trim onto the shirt filling in the heart you drew. I stitched the outside first and then filled in the spaces.

Make sure to sew on the tulle and not on the rosettes or it will look like this. BLAH!!!!

Then you'll have to pull out the seam ripper, pull it all out, and redo it.

Then you'll sew on the tulle and it will look pretty like this!!!

I made a matching headband using this tutorial at  calico.


Melissa said...

Love this tee! Where do you get rosette trim?