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Scrap Buster Saturday!!!!

Welcome to Scrap  Buster Saturday. My scrap tub is getting pretty full right now so I have challenged myself to do some projects that come from my scarp tub. Every Saturday I will post projects made using fabric only  from my scrap tub.  So here is my first scrap buster project.  A leather flower.

This leather was in the bag of leather I bought to do these Buckle knock off jeans for my husband. I didn't take a picture of the piece of leather, but it was very small.

Supplies needed:

  • small scrap of leather

  • scissors

  • jeans thread

  • 1 pearl

  • burner tool
Draw 4 circles graduating in size on the leather with a pen. For the largest circles I traced a spool of thread then drew each one after that a little smaller than the one before. Cut them out.

Use your burner tool to burn the edge of the circle.  It will start to curl up. Do this to all 4 circles.

Here is what it will look like when you are finished. 

I wanted it to be wavy so I burned the middle.

Next burn 2 small holes in the bottom so you can thread the pearl. More on that in minute. Burn 1 hole in the middle of each of the other circles. Burn 1 hole in the other 3 circles.

Using a long piece of jeans thread tie a knot in the bottom of the biggest circle.

Using a needle pull the thread up through the bottom of the biggest circle.

Thread the other circles on top of the biggest one.

Take the needle off and thread the pearl on.

Put the needle back on and thread back through all the circles.

Thread through the opposite hole on the bottom circle.

Tie a knot in the bottom.

Now it's ready to an
Now it's ready to be used as an embellishment. 


Nikki said...

Your flower turned out great. I love the thought of a leather flower. They are so opposite, but it looks great. I will be checking back on Saturdays for you scrap buster ideas. I have so many scraps of fabric, and am always trying to find ways to use them up. Thanks for sharing.

Tammy @ she wears flowers said...

This is gorgeous!