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Sewing Blind

 I finally did it!!!! I have been wanting to learn how to do a blind hem for ages now. For some reason the instructions always confuse me. So yesterday I was determined to figure it out. I sat down at my sewing machine with a pair of pajama pants I was making for Dakota and began trying to figure out how you are supposed to fold the fabric. It was so easy!!!! I don't know why I could never figure it out before.

I thought I'd show y'all how I did it.

Serger or zigzag stitch the raw edge you are going to blind hem.

Fold and iron hem up like normal.

Now the tricky part....fold the hem back so right sides are facing (like an accordian).

Make sure to leave the sergered or zigzag edge above the fold.

Set your machine to the blind hem stitch. (the highlighted one). If your machine doesn't have a programmed blind hem stitch I think you could use a wide zigzag stitch.

Here is my blind hem foot for my Brother machine. different brand machines have different looking blind hem feet so if you're not sure if you have one just google it.

Put your fabric under the foot as pictured. The fold shouldto the left of the guide (white piece).
It will straight stitch 3-4 stitches and then do a zigzag stitch, then straight stitch, zig zag stitch......

The green thread is the blind hem stitch.

 Here is what it looks like on the right side. 

I hope this helps someone! If you are still unsure of a step or if something is unclear just leave me a comment and I'll try to help you.


Eve said...

I've been trying to learn the blind hem too! My machine has all these feet but I don't know how to use them yet. You make it look easy peasy! :D I'll give it another go.

Lou said...

I've been trying to learn this, too! Thanks for the post and photos. Mine keeps coming out crooked. Next time I will iron it up. I was trying to jump straight to the accordian part and I was getting that not even somehow. Thanks!