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Save That Dress!!!!!!

What do you do when your daughters favorite dress gets to short for her to wear?
Turn it into a skirt.
Aiyanna loved this dress last year! She liked the pockets a lot.  She would come home from daycare with treausres in her pockets. Mulch, rocks, snack, you name it you could find it in those pockets. I tried it on her the other day and it was way to short and also was cutting into her underarms. She was really upset when I took it off of her.  So when she woke up from nap she had a suprise waiting for her.  A pretty little skirt that just happened to look like her favorite little dress. That made for one happy little princees!

Here's the dress I used.

Cut the top off. I cut it an inch above the waistband.

I cut off the button on the back.

Pin the opening shut.

Sew the opening shut.

Pin elastic to the back part of waistband.
Sew the elastic un the seam allowance of the skirt.

Fold down and sew.



Jamee said...

I love it and i am into the strawberries this year!

Julianna said...

That dress is definitely worth saving! What a cute skirt! My little girl definitely has some i could this too!

Jan M said...

Great save! I can understand why she loved those cute pockets!

Unknown said...

great idea!!! She looks darling (and happy) in it!!!

Julie said...

Great idea!! This skirt looks great.

Tammy @ she wears flowers said...

I just did this for a post next week! I love it--great minds think alike, right?! Your dress was definitely worth saving; not so sure about the one I rescued.

Lila Jo said...

So cute! I love clothing refashions!