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I Just Can't Let it Go

Bubble Revamp Take 2

If you missed the first Bubble Revamp you can see it HERE

Aiyanna has these super cute bubble/romper that doesn't fit her in the length anymore.This is one of my absolutely favorite pieces of summer clothing she has.I just wasn't ready to say bye to it yet. Am I crazy or have y'all felt the same way?Anyway, here is the bubble I'm talking about.

Isn't it darling?

Here's what it looks like now.  She'll be able to wear this next summer too. YAY!!!!!

Here's how:
Cut the bottom off just above the snaps.

Make a  1/2" hem and then fold up another 1/2" and iron.

Sew close to the fold.
That's it. Sooooo simple!

Now go enjoy a tea party....

...complete with guests.  Ponies, does it get any better?

We hope you enjoy your day!!!

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Jan said...

Great idea,and your daughter is so cute!

she wears flowers said...

I was thinking the exact same things as the first comment! I second that!!

Nancy said...

so fun to see another young cute Nancy around, I had so many issues with my name growing up because I felt like it was a "Grandma" name. You are quite the refashioner, I'm very inspired!

Rebecca said...

Thank you for visiting me Miss Nancy, and for the sweet comments you left about my baby shoes!

Now...I have to are ONE INVENTIVE GIRL! BRILLIANT! Absolutely over the top wonderful.

I'm sooo inspired. I may never part with anything I ever buy for my grandgirl again! I'm in serious trouble!

Love to you this summer eve~


The Pennington Point said...

It's darling. I love a good re-make of an old favorite. She's adorable. Lisa~

Jenny said...

That is a genius idea! I wish I would have thought of it years ago. My daughter is now 6, but she used to have the cutest rompers!

Shannon said...

Brilliant, I say! :)