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Ruffle Up Your Shirt

  I made this shirt a month or so ago. Every time I wear it I get tons of compliments!

Here's what I started with.

I scored 2 of these shirts for $1 each. I knew I wanted to refashion it. I didn't really care for it buttoning down the front. I remembered this tutorial at Tea Rose Home that I have been wanting to do. I grabbed the two shirts and got busy.  My shirt is a little different.  Here's what I did.

I love the lettuce edge at the bottom.  I cut it off 2" from the bottom. and put it aside for later. I used it to make the flower.

Cut 4 strips each of them 2" wide.

Gather the strips using a long stitch.

The first strip goes from shoulder seam to shoulder seam. Adjust gathers and then sew in place.

The second strip is about 4" shorter on each side. Adjust gathers and sew in place.

The third and fourth ruffle is about 1.5" shorter than the second. Adjust gathers and sew in place.

Cut 2 strips 1/2" wide and as long as you want.

 Find the middle of the strips and stitch them to the shirt where you want your flower to go.

Grab the strip you cut off the bottom and gather using a long stitch on the straight edge.

I gathered it, then rolled it and stitched it together as I rolled.

Sew the flower on the spot where you stitched the strips down.

Put it on and be ready for the compliments to start coming!!!

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Kenzie said...

Love your shirt! So cute!

arkie said...

Lovely shirt! Great tutorial!

Ann @ makethebestofthings said...

So cute and clever and totally yours! Love the color too.

michelle@somedaycrafts said...

Beautiful shirt! Great job!

Kit said...

Love this shirt! Great job. Thanks for posting it and your great tutorial! (Just found you through Fireflies and Jellybeans.)

Andrea @ said...

One of my favorite shirt refashions! Great job! I hope you'll link up to Make It Wear It today at!

Amie Kirk said...

Love it!! And only $2, that is AWESOME!!

Eve said...

I can see why the comments are thick and heavy, it's simply LOVELY! I will try this myself, thanks!! :D

mle said...

I love that its a little ruffle, not too much! And your lettuce ruffle flower makes it perfect!! I want one!

Danielle Renee said...

you did an excellent job! I'll definitely keep this in mind while I get ready my next shirt recon.

Amy said...

I'm going to have to do this too. I love it!

Maria said...

Very pretty. I love this idea. I will have to try it!

anne maskell said...

I'm going to try this too! I love it! It looks fabulous on you, no wonder you get so many compliments!