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Ring Bling for Toddlers

Aiyanna loves to wear jewelry. She loves necklaces, bracelets, and of course rings.   She is always trying to take my rings off me. I decided it was time for her to have her own.

Here is my pile of belt loops left over from the Jeans Quilt

Grab a belt loop and put a dot of hot glue on one end.

Press the ends together until the glue gets tacky.

I added a crystal type button to the top for  a diamond.

Now you have some BLING for the little diva in your life.


Lila Jo said...

I am so amazed at the denim projects you are coming up with! My little girls would love some rings like this... I'll have to remember to cut off some belt loops the next denim quilt I make!

Beth said...

Such a simple idea, and yet so cute! I'm actually going to be deconstructing some jeans this week, I'll have to make some for Princess.

Malou said...

so cute, so clever. your jeans upcycling ideas endless! :D

huana said...

Great,great,great idea! Have to try!

Fathmath Nawal said...

too cute!!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

I just love my glue gun! it's my tool of choice
just wanted to know that I tagged you in a post feel free to check it out, it was fun

Kathy said...

That's very cute & clever! There are numerous options for this! Comfortable too, I'm sure!

mamaTAVE said...

I am so glad you visited my blog, so I could find yours... this is great!

julia said...

oh man now thats too awesome thanks I'll be able to make that

Crystal said...

So cute! I know a few little ones that would love these.