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A Belt For The Boy

Dakota was in need of  a new belt so I decided to just whip one up at nap time one day.
I know, I know another denim project. Are you sick of them yet?  Slowly I am working my way through  the scraps left from the Jeans Quilt

Here's how I made the belt.
I started with the waistband from a [pair of jeans.

Next cut the ends off.

On one end you cut fold the raw edge in as pictured.

Fold it back in half . Sew that folded edge and down the long edge.

On the other end I poked a whole about 1.5" from the edge.

Put the buckle through the hole.

Fold down 1/4" and fold again as pictured.

Here is what it will look like.

Next I took 2 belt loops. Put them right sides together and sew the ends.

Turn right side out and slip it onto the belt.

Add some grommets to the other end and you're finished!


Bina Ross said...

Great tutorial! Belts for little boys are hard to find and my little guys pants are always falling down.

thanks for entering my linkyu party!

Michelle L. said...

What a great idea! And such a terrific tutorial, thanks for the inspiration!

Kendall said...

this is such a great idea! love it :)