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This is what your knee should look like at the end of step 3.

In the midst of all the Christams craziness I decided to do a 2 week exercise boot camp. I really want to get back into shape! It was challenge, becasue I am soooo out of shape, but I loved it. On the last day we were doing squats and I sprained my ankle and knee. The Doctor has ordered me to stay off it as much as possible. He also prescribed some pain medicine, which makes me sleepy. . If I'm on that leg at all my knee starts hurting really bad.  I can sit on the couch with it propped up and it feels fine (finally).  And the good thing is it isn't the leg I use when pushing the sewing pedal so I am still able to sew.  YEAH!!! Sewing
 has been kind slow going aound here lately, but now that I'm feeling somewhat better I'm starting to get back into the sewing groove. :O)

sprained ankle

 Boot camp starts back Januaray 17th so I'm hoping to be healed up by then so I can get back to exercising. I go back to the doctor' next week so I'll just have to wait and see what he says.