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Do You Ever Have This Problem???

Both of my kids are growing sooooo fast!!! They have recently out grown their pajamas.
 Since I have plenty of fabric and the time I decided to make them myself instead of buying them. 
Dakota's were real simple. He likes to wear his t-shirts to bed so I made him some pajama pants. 

He was thrilled!!!  He still thanks me (over a month later) for making them for him. 

Now for Aiyanna I wanted something girly. So I bought a pattern she liked. Grabbed some cute fabric from my stash and got busy.  Since I got started after they were asleep and I hadn't measured her since her most recent growth spurt I guessed at the size. I thought about waking her up and measuring her for about half a second. Bad idea! She is one of those kids you don't wake up, even from a nap. So then I thought she wears a size 3 in her clothing so it should be the same for the pattern. Logical right?

They are huge on her! Not just a little bit big, or room to grow big, but like 2 sizes to big.
 Well, I guess to big is better than to small, but it is still irritating.  Really I'm frustrated with myself because I know better than to just go by the size.  ALWAYS go by measurements.
Lesson learned!  Be patient and get measurements first.


Lettie B. said...

I've run into the same problem with my kids...and the opposite problem with myself! I hate looking at the size number given that matches my measurements. For the kids I usually just hold up some or their current clothes to the pattern to see how off the sizes might be.

Beth said...

I love pj pants. My son actually wears them all day (he's 1, and that's all he really wants to wear, it's not worth the fight)

Paxton said...

I agree with Lettie! I do the same thing! Very cute fabric though :-)

Unknown said...

They are very cute though! I hope you only made her 1 pair?

Larri said...

With three growing kids, I've run into that problem...and I have a solution! :o)

Add a casing instead of a hem at the pants bottom and sleeve cuff. Pull some elastic through, and voila! The kids can grow into those extra-long pants and shirt sleeves.

For future sewing...make a point to keep your kids current measurements in a little notebook. When you go pattern shopping, you can refer to their measurements to determine the sizing you need.

PS...Too long is ALWAYS better than too short. ;o)

Jenny Hall / Seamingly Smitten said...

At least they will fit one day and weren't too small. I made my daughter pj's recently and after 2 weeks the top was too tight in the arms after a few runs through the washer and dryer. :)

Charlene said...

Ha-ha - I can only laugh because I've done the same exact thing, except guessed too small! And, that's frustrating - to have put love and time into something that doesn't fit now and won't ever. :) At least she'll grow...