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Happy New Years!!!!!

I love and hate New Years Day.   It's a time to reflect on the previous year, which I hate. I remember all the resolutions I made and never carried through.  It kind of makes me feel like I failed in some areas of my life.
 I love it because it's a time to start anew.
It's a time to set new goals, starting with a clean slate, and reminisce in the things I suceeded in.
I have many goals for 2011!  Some of them are related to my blog and my website.  Some of them are personal spiritual and physical goals. Some goals involve my family. Some aren't goals at all, they are dreams that I want to get just a little closer to achieving  : o)

Here's the first thing I've done that I have been putting off for too long!

I cut my hair off.

I was soooo tired of putting up in a pony tail every day.

I love my new style. It's edgy. And it is quick and easy to fix.
Plus I can blow dry it without having to take breaks due to getting to hot.

Whatcha think?


Shan said...

Work it! Nice, do. You'll LOVE it this summer..not sure about those winter days, though.

I miss my short hair days.

Anonymous said...

Your hair looks great! VERY cute on you! :)