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Make A Difference Monday {12}

Hi everyone, I hope you had a wonderful weekend!!!
We had a great weekend filled with playing at the beach and going to church.
I have something exciting (at least to me) in the works.  I am hoping to have all the information that I need put together for next Monday.  It is a BIG project!!!  One that I can't do alone, so I will definately need the help from y'all, my sewing friends!

This week I thought it would be nice to do something for someone  who you don't know real well or have recently  met. A  neighbor, new co-worker, someone new at church, etc. You could do anything. Buy them coffee, treat them to lunch, bake up some cookies for them, sew  up something, etc.
We have a new Youth Pastor at our church and I adore his sweet family.  Their little girl is the same age as Aiyanna. They have quickly become friends!  We were at family night at Chick-Fil-A last Tuesday and they were there as well.  Aiyanna was sporting a new skirt I had made her.

 Heather, the Mom, commented more than once that she loved Aiyanna's skirt.  So I am going to make a skirt for Aiyanna's new little friend. I found some super cute seersucker fabric with hearts all over it that will be perfect!  And for the baby brother we are giving him a Taggie Blankie.

Who are you going to do something nice for this week?


Unknown said...

Cute skirt!! Thanks for inspiring us all to do a little something nice for someone. :-)