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Mother, Daughter Tea


Hi everyone! I hope y'all had a wonderful Mother's Day!!!
I went out of town and spent the weekend with my wonderful in-laws.
Can you believe I forgot my computer?!?!
I had my lap top, phone charger, book, etc in my laptop bag. I packed up the car and left the laptop bag sitting on the floor. I didn't even realize it until I unpacked the car later that evening. I couldn't believe I did that.  I don't ever leave the computer at home, but it was good thing.
I spent more time talking and visiting with Momma than I would have if I had my computer with me.
We had a lot of fun.  One of the fun things we did was go to a Mother Daughter Tea at church.
My niece and her daughter came over that morning and we made headbands to wear to the Tea.
It was fun to see how each one turned out.

Each girl had a different request.
Funky, girly, not big, and pink.

Here are the grown ups headbands.  Big flowers, lots of tulle, and a feather

With our headbands we would have fit right in at the Royal Wedding.


Anonymous said...

Gee those titfers are FABULOUS!!! And you certainly would have fit in - and looked more appropriate than our Prime Minister's wife, who just looked like she'd taken her pinny off !!! Any chance of a tutorial for these gorgeous creations ? Thanks for considering it !

Margaret C