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A Tip For Tuesday {TOYS}

Where do I even begin?!?
Toys have been the center of my frustration for a while now.
My kids share a room. A small room.
One small room and toys for 2 kids just don't mix.

Here is what their toy area looked like...

It started with the one red tub and just kept growing. It was totally out of control!!!

Because it was such an unorganized mess the kids rarely played with their toys because they couldn't find the toy they wanted to play with. Also, in the process of looking for the toy they wanted everything was thrown onto the floor. Which was very aggravating to me.  It would take them forever to clean up the mess (even more aggravating to me).

There had to be a solution.

Last week while they were busy watching a movie I cleaned up their room.  I left out a few bigger toys for each of them. Toys that they love, but haven't played with because they couldn't find them in the toy pile.
Now they are enjoying these toys that they love.

I also hung up a few costumes for Dakota to wear.  He loves to be Super Heroes.  The  rest of  them are hung up in his closet.

All the other toys are in two tubs (one for Dakota and one for Aiyanna) in their closet.
When they start to seem bored with the toys that are out I will trade them for some "new" toys from their tubs.  I think it's win-win. The room stays clean, they can actually find toys to play with, and when these toys get old they get "new" ones.  Best of all I am no longer irritated about the toy mess.  YAY!!!!

Just thinking about how much easier this has made my life makes me : o)


Karena said...

Great idea Nancy!!

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Crystal said...

This is such a great idea. I've been trying to come up with a solution and this is really helpful.

Paxton said...

Ha! I'm totally with you! Toy messes drive me CRAZY! I need to jet purge some toys, especially if the mess is driving me nuts and both kids are still toddlers!

Alia said...


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