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Adding Ruffles to Jeans {Making Clothes Last}

Aiyanna just won't stop growing!  I know she's supposed to grow, but geesh. It seems like she's grown an inch every time I turn around.  It makes keeping her in clothes a little difficult.  What makes it really difficult is that she keeps getting taller, she needs 4t in the length, but her waist hasn't changed in about 2 years.  She still wears a 24 months or 2t in the waist, And I still have to adjust the waist to fit. (wish I had that problem, LOL!)
So in order to make her jeans that fit in the waist but are way too short in the length I have started adding ruffles to the bottom.  They actually tuned out pretty cute.  But then again I always think ruffles are cute :o)

So just in case anyone else is in the same predicament or you just feel the need to add ruffles to your daughters jeans I whipped up a little tutorial for y'all.
 First thing we need to do is get some measurements.  Measure how wide the jeans are at the bottom. Mine are 12" all the way around the leg hole. I also had Aiyanna put the pants on so I could  measure how much longer they needed. They need to be at least 4" longer.

Before you cut we are going to adjust the measurements to allow for gathering and hemming.
For the width: Width of leg bottom x2  (12"x2=24")
For the length: Length you need to add + 1.5"  (4 + 1.5")
Using the measurements you just calculated cut 4 rectangles.
Take 2 rectangles right sides together and sew each short side.

Now you need to sew 2 rows of gathering stitches as pictured above.

  Match seams and pin. Adjust gathers to fit leg and pin in place.

Sew. Stitch between the 2 rows of gathering stitches. This will prevent puckering.

Zig zag stitch or serge the raw edge on the seam and your done.

 I took these photos on the stage at our church.  I love the background they have painted! So perfect for winter.  I'll have to start posting pictures of our stages.  They totally change the stage for every series Pastor Clay preaches. During Christmas the series was called Jars.  They built a huge Christmas tree out of mason Jars.  I think I have picture of it.  I'll try to post them tomorrow.

 The Christmas before that they built a 12" tall train out of wood. It was AMAZING!!! I think I have picture of that too. If not I know I can grab some off of Facebook.

 This is an outfit I hand painted for Aiyanna for her 2nd birthday. 

I love that with a little luck, creativity, and ingenuity she is still able to wear it 2 years later.

Now I need to do something with the shirt she is wearing. It's too short too!
Any ideas??

Here are some other jeans I added ruffles to.
This outfit is perfect for spring. 

The tunic is made of a ruffle-y lightweight cotton I bought at Joann's.

 I used the Sophia Tunic from Sew Sweet Patterns.
It was very easy to follow.
I made this outfit for her this past fall.  

I love the cute owl fabric! It was also purchased at Joann's.

This shirt i a pattern I am working on.  All that;s left to do is grade it into the different sizes.
Keep an eye out. I will be needing pattern testers in the very near future!

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! I've been wanting a good tute for adding ruffles to pants, because like your daughter, mine has a slender waist, but she is getting taller. Another project that I need to look into soon! Let me know if you need a tester, I'd love to give it a try! I tested one of your patterns before, the shirt that tied on the side of the neck. I already have fabric picked to make a duplicate of that shirt for this summer. It was one of my daughter's favorite shirts when she was two! Love your blog!

The Sewing Dork said...

I have always thought this would be a good way to extend the life of pants - yours are all FABULOUS! And I especially love that soft blue ruffled cotton top.

Kim said...

Great idea! That's awesome that she is still able to wear them 2 years later. Cute outfits :)