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Cascading Ruffles Sew-A-Long Day 1

Happy Monday!!!
I hope y"all have had a wonderful weekend!
Are you ready to get started?
Today we are going to draft the dress pattern. To make the pattern for this dress I grabbed a shirt out of Aiyanna's closet.

 Turn it inside out and fold in half. Lay the folded edge of the shirt on the edge of the paper. Carefully trace around the neck, shoulder, sleeve hole, and side seam.

Next I measured Aiyanna from the neck to just below the knee to get the length of the dress.  I measured on the pattern from the shoulder to the length and marked it.  Since this is an A-line dress I made the bottom 8" across.
Now you are going to make the center front piece. Make a mark in 1.5" in at the neck and 4" in at the bottom.  Draw a straight line to connect these dots.  This is the center front.

For the back pattern piece fold the shirt so the back side is facing out. Again carefully trace around the neck, shoulder, sleeve hole, and side seam. Again you want to make it the length you want your dress to be.

The sleeves are a little tricky.  You are still going to trace around the edges, but  you can only do half of the sleeve at a time.  Lay the sleeve on the pattern paper and carefully trace around all edges. 

 For the top curvy part I just mark dots along the curve and the connect the dots at the end. 

Turn the sleeve and match up the the fold of the sleeve to the line you drew. Trace around this side of the sleeve. 

  When you are done tracing move the shirt out of the way and connect the dots to form the line at the top.

Now all that's left is to cut out your pattern pieces.

That's it for today! Tomorrow we will cut out our fabric :o)

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