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Difference of Opinion

Alright ladies we are having a difference of opinion at our house. I thought I would ask y'all to tell us what you think! Scott says her outfit looks like she's a clown (crazy right?) I say she looks adorable! We just cannot see eye to eye on this. When it comes to Aiyanna's clothes we have a difference of opinion A LOT!
Here's how y'all can help. I want your opinion. Your HONEST opinion!!! You won't hurt my feelings of you think she looks like a clown. But if people think that I NEED to know. I want her to dress cute not clown-like. So please help this momma out and give me your honest opinion.


quiltaholic said...

Sorry, don't like the pants. It would look better with leggins or jeans on the bottom.

Anonymous said...

Okay, mama, you gotta balance those adorable pants with a snugger fitting shirt that doesn't vie for the attention the ruffles on the pants deserve. Especially teaming it up with a brown t-shirt with just a colorful applique on it, would create a better visual balance. She is the cutest little doll!

Eva Marie said...

Cute. I love the pants. Don't feel bad my 3 year old told me yesterday. "I am not a doll" I don't want to wear dolly clothes. She is 3.What!!

Jennifer Yanos said...

I gotta say, I'm leaning towards clown on this one. Sorry! The pants are just too much for me.

Betsy said...

Cute until the pants...then clown. Sorry.

Jan M said...

I love pants with ruffles! I think the ruffles on these may be slightly too large for your little girl, and they start too high up. If they were lower, more narrow, and the pants longer overall, I believe they would be in better proportion and less clown-like.

Anna said...

its already been said. Cute shirt, loose the pants.

just jayma said...

I think the pants are just a little short, is all! I think they need to be a bit longer. But I don't think she looks like a clown!

Anonymous said...

Before even reading the previous comments, Id decided the ruffles are too high. ;) Other than that, the outfit would be great. Although, personally, Id go with a snugger fitting shirt. Now I'm not going to say clown, I'm just going to call it a pants mishap! :)