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A Mini Fashion Show

On Thursday's my husband works from home in the morning and watches Aiyanna so I can go to a Bible Study.
Last Thursday was no exception. I arrived home to this in the Living Room.

 Shoes and hair bows carefully lined up by the door.

 There was a blanket (the runway)  laid out across the Living Room floor.

 And a pile of dresses laying on the couch.
When I asked her what she was doing she told me she was going to have a fashion show.
I was to be the photographer and Dakota was the security.
So I grabbed my camera and the fashion show began.

Each time she came down the runway she changed dresses, shoes, and hair bows.
 She wouldn't take off the black leggings though.

 Or the socks.

 What can I say, she's a girl who know what she wants, lol.

 Even her stuffed Panda had to get in on the action. 

 This is the dress we will be making next week.

This dress I made her before Christmas.  I really love it, but I need to tweak it some.

 The girl can strike a pose!

 Hope you enjoyed Aiyanna's mini fashion show.

I thought she did good with these. Sometimes she goes a little crazy with the clothes. 
I need to do a post on 4 year old fashion sense. It would be sooo funny.

Have a happy weekend!!!

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