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Pink Fur

I have said it many times before, Aiyanna is a girlie girl.
She loves pink, ruffles, lace, hair bows, jewelry, tiaras, tea parties, and fur.
Way back when I made the Sensory Balls Aiyanna immediately claimed the furry pink one as hers.  No one else could even touch that ball. If you happened to grab that furry little pink ball she would come snatch it right out of your hands.  Seriously.  Beware of a girl and her pink furry ball!

I still had a little of that fabric left over so the other night I made her a vest.

It was love at first sight.  She put it on first thing in the morning and didn't take it off for TWO days.  Yes she even slept in it!  I know two straight days, but some things just aren't worth the battle.  Y'all know what I mean. And being completely honest it makes me happy to see she loves it that much!
So after the vest wearing marathon I still have a enough left to make some leg warmers.  She was thrilled!!! I should get a Mommy of the Year award :o)  Don't you ever feel that way??
Anyway I took pictures as I went along so you to could be Mommy Of  The Year.

You will need:
Small piece of fabric
Sewing Machine
Safety Pin

First thing I did was measure around Aiyanna's calf, 8". Then I measured from her knee to her ankle, 12"
I cut my fabric into two rectangles 9" x 15"
I wanted the leg warmers to be a little slouchy. You can adjust the length based on the amount of slouchiness (is that even a word?) you want.
Fold the rectangle in half wby the width and pin. See above photo.


Repeat with the other leg warmer.

Next fold each end in 3/4" and stitch leaving a 2" opening for threading elastic.

Thread elastic through the casing.

Overlap the edges of the elastic and zig zag stitch to secure.

Repeat with the other leg warmer.


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Anonymous said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this outfit! May just have to make this tutorial up if I can find the right fabric to pull it off! Will send pics if I do! :)