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Cascading Ruffles Sew-A-Long Day 5

Today is the last day of our sew along.
Are you ready to finish up the dress?!?

Start by measuring the neck hole on your dress. Mine was 14".

Cut a strip of knit fabric 2" wide x neck hole measurement. Fold in half with right sides together. Stitch.

Fold the neck binding in half and pin the neck hole. Stitch. Press seam down.

Now it's time to hem!
Fold bottom up 3/4" and pin.  Stitch using a double needle.
I you don't have a double needle you can zig zag stitch the hem.  A double needle gives it a professional looking hem and also allows some stretch.

For the sleeve you are going to do the same thing. Fold up 3/4". Stitch.
 Repeat with the other sleeve.

Here is the top of the finished hem. 

this is the underneath of the finished hem. It's hard to see in this photo but the underside has a zig zag which allows it to stretch some.

The white jersey I used was thin and waayyyy to see through on Aiyanna. so I decided to dye it. She chose purple. I love the way it turned out!!!!
This is such a great dress. It can be dress or just worn on play dates and such.
Aiyanna loves all of hers!

 This picture here really captures Aiyanna's personality
.  She is such a prissy girlie girl. And I LOVE it!!!!

 Since it's pretty much spring here I made this one short sleeve so she can wear it spring, summer, and fall (if I'm lucky)

I hope you enjoyed the Sew Along!!!
See y'all tomorrow with another option for the dress.  I think you'll really like it. 
It came to me as I was sewing up this dress and as soon as I had this one finished I whipped another one up with a new idea floating around in my head.

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