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Unexpected Haircut

Aiyanna loves to cut paper.  She has a tub full of paper with a pair of scissors in it. She loves to get it out and cut up paper. She does this almost every single day. Tuesday was no exception.  I was cutting out some fabric and she was cutting up her paper. Next thing I knew she was bringing me a chunk of hair and telling me she fixed her hair. I was shocked.  She has never cut anything other than paper.  Here is a picture of the damage.
She cut a chunk up to her shoulders.
Luckily I was able to get her in at the salon after I picked Dakota up for school.
When I told her she was going to get her hair cut short she cried. She kept telling me she didn't want a haricut and she would never ever do that again.

By the time we picked up Dakota and arrived at the salon she had calmed down. 
And was smiling and laughing while getting her hair cut.
I was proud of myself for not getting upset with her when all this happened.  I thought I might cry when they cut her hair, but I didn't.  I did cringe though.  She never even had her hair trimmed until she was 3 and a half.  And she has only had the very ends trimmed twice.
Here is the after the haircut.

 I loved her long hair! It seems so short now.
The good thing is it's just hair so it will grow back out.
Needless to say the cutting tub and scissors have disappeared for a while.

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Sarah Butcher said...

My son got scissors even tho they were put up probably 10 times by now and my daughter has been in a pixie cut of some form since as it starts growing then she gets antsy and her brother cuts it while I'm occupied elsewhere....... She and he are finally letting it grow out now!