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As I told y'all yesterday I am out of the competition, but that doesn't mean I can't still play along.
I think I could have rocked the competition this week!!! 
I don't sew for myself very often and I post pictures of myself even less.
But when you love a dress as much as I love this I just couldn't help myself.
I am soooo glad I decided to pamper myself.  I really should do it more often. Every Mommy should!
I started with a pattern for a top. I used the basic shape of the top but tweaked it to my liking.
I added length to make it a dress. I decided to go with a Hi-Lo hem.

The front was just cut straight across. I tapered it down in the back.
Next time I'm going to start tapering on the front of the dress so it flows better.

All of the fabric started out a light cream color.
One of my favorite things was ombre dyeing this dress.
I started by mixing a super light blue color.  I soaked the whole dress. 
Then with each step darker a raised a portion of the dress out of the dye.

I dyed 6 or 7 different shades of blue so the color change is very gradual. 

On the front I made some rolled roses and hot glued them onto felt. 
I pinned them to the top front of the dress.
It was the finishing touch this dress needed.

Tomorrow I will be sporting a new haircut. 
I am so excited!

I'm Gone!!!!

Well. if you follow along the So You Think You're Crafty competition you already know I was voted off last week.  *sigh*
My Seashell Windchime just didn't make the cut.

I was so NOT ready to leave yet.  
This wasn't what I had originally planned for the week. We had a death in the family and ended up being out of town for most of the week. So I ended up doing something quick.
It was something I was planning on making anyway, just not for the competition.
Anyway, I didn't take pictures when I was making it, but it is so simple
I started with a starfish and tied a long length of fishing line to each leg. Do starfish have legs???
Then I just hot glued my little shinny shells to the fishing line.  Be careful I burned myself with hot glue a lot.
Next I tied a string to hang done in the middle and glued on various shells.
I screwed a little hook into the starfish and hung it outside.

It makes me happy every time I walk in or out of the house.

This week it's all about Ombre.
I had the most gorgeous dress for this weeks project! I'll show you tomorrow.
There are some really great ombre projects soooo make sure you go {HERE} and vote for your favorite.
And since I'm no longer in it I'll tell you who I voted for.
I love the OMBRE Necklace
Isn't it beautiful?!

I would love to have a necklace just like this!!!

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Did You Know?

So last weeks theme was Repurposed.  One of my favorite themes of the season!
I knew right away what I would be doing.
Did you guess the Vintage Lace Dress???

When I found this old lace curtain at a thrift store a while back I thought it would make a pretty dress.
I had a tiny bit of a hard time cutting the curtain up, but I'm glad I did.
I L-O-V-E the way this dress turn out!!!

It's even prettier than what I had imagined.

I cut the bodice from the scalloped hem. 
I think it makes the dress so much prettier! 

for the closure in the back I used snaps that are hidden. 
I didn't want anything to take away from the beautiful lace.
Tutorial coming later this week!

Don't forget to go vote for your favorite Summer Bounty craft!

See you soon!

Switch Flops {A TUTORIAL}

Did you guess???
My project  for last weeks Scrap Theme was the Switch Flops.
I came in 2nd.  I am really proud of that! Did you see theWood Scrap Lantern that ChiWei from One Dog Woof. It is awesome.  I'm thinking of making one for a night light for the kids room.

 I am loving my "new" shoes.  The possibilities are endless.  You can use any fabrics- cotton, jersey,  silk, denim, even ribbon.  Even better you can wear them different every time you put them on.  It's like having a new pair of shoes every time you open your closet!!!  I love feeling like a have a new pair of shoes every time I open up my closet.  But even better that they don't take up the room of a bunch of shoes.

You can whip a bunch of these out in no time!!!
Grab a pair of flip flops and some scrap fabric.  

First thing you're going to do is convert your flip flops.
I used an exacto knife and cut the plastic pieces off from the bottom of the flip flop.

Next I took a piece a scrap fabric and cut a 1.2" x 4" rectangle. You will need 6 of these.

Fold it in half widthwise with right sides together. Stitch the long edge.

Turn right side out.

Tie it in a knot close to the ends. So you have a loop.

Push the loop through the hole in the flip flop.

Repeat with the remaining loops.  Here is what it should look like.

Now for the straps.

I cut 2 strips of fabric 1.5 "- 2" wide and the length of the different pairs of straps varied.

Super Long-

Fold the in half and sew down the long edge.

Turn right side out.
Fold in the raw edges on the short edges and stitch closed.

Now have fun tying them different ways!!!!

Watch for Tie It Up Tuesdays where I will show you unique ways to tie your Switch Flops. 

Don't forget to go to So You Think You're Crafty and vote for your favorite REPURPOSED project this week. Voting ends on Thursday evening.