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Easy Peasy Pantaloons

Aiyanna had a beautiful Easter dress.  Her Gudsud (Native American for Grandmother) shadow embroider it with bunnies, carrots, flowers, and a butterfly. I want to contribute to the outfit so I decided to make pantaloons.  These are so easy they were done in 20 minutes. 

I used a pattern for capris and then added lace and an elastic casing to turn them into pantaloons.
Let's get sewing!!!

Supplies Needed:
Single fold bias tape
sewing machine

So first off you can make a pair of capris or go grab a pair out of the closet. If you are making them do not hem the bottom. If you are using an already made pair you can cut off the hem or you can use a seam ripper to pull out the hem and then iron.

Put lace and right bottom hem right sides together. 
 Stitch using a small zig zag stitch. Do the same on the left leg.

Next take your bias tape and fold the raw edge 1/4" under.

Pin the bias tape 1/2" above the hem at the inside leg seam.

Pin all the way around the leg and then fold the end 1/4" and pin the the inside seam.
Make sure to leave a small space between the ends of the bias tape so you can thread the elastic through.

Sew the bias tape in place.

Thread the elastic through the casing you just made.
I like to use the unbleached elastidc that you purchase by the yard because it is very soft and very stretchy.

Zig zag stitch the ends of the elastic together.

They are so adorable under a dress!

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Jamee said...

Adorable!! what a sweet outfit and I love pantaloons

Misty @Creative Itch said...

How sweet!! They turned out adorable!! Thanks for linking @Creative Itch's "Sew Cute Tuesday"!!

HB, The Impulsive Minimalist said...

Those are cute! She looks very proper :)

Thanks for linking at Lucky Star Lane!