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It Doesn''t Get Any Easier Than This!!!!

We spent this week at the beach!  Doesn't get much better than that in my book.  I L-O-V-E the beach!!!!! 

  It seemed like every day on our way to the beach I needed to stop by the store for something. snacks, water, ice..... it's always something. My swimsuit is one of those dress looking ones.  I had no beach cover up and just throwing shorts on underneath looked a little strange....like I was a 2 year old picking out my own clothes.  So the other day I decided it was time to make a cover up.  I didn't want to go buy fabric and I remembered about this box of shirred fabric I scored at a yard sale. So I grabbed it and made my cover up.  It's nothing fancy, but it serves it purposes and it took about 3 minutes to make.

Here's my  pre-shirred fabric.
Bust measurement - 1" = how wide to cut fabric.

Fold in half widthwise and sew the long edge. 
I didn't even bother hemming the bottom (SHHHH!!!!)  It won't fray so I didn't worry about it.

Then put it on and head out for the beach!!!  Don't forget to stop and get the ice.

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Andrea said...

Love the beach! I love how both of your sons feet are up off the ground in that photo!

Don't you love easy projects like that?