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Denim Design Day 2

I hope y'all have rounded up your denim for the Denim Design Challenge.
I am loving this headband!!! I made it with the denim scrap pile. It's made using a waistband off a pair of jeans. It is a fast project which makes me like it  even more!!!  I whipped 2 of these out in 10 minutes. 

Supplies Needed:

  • Waistband off jeans

  • 5" Elastic

  • Hot glue gun

  • Thread

Cut the button off the waistband.  Then I cut my waistband 14" long.

Fold the raw edges in on each end.

Tuck the elastic in one edge.


Tuck the elastic in the other side and sew.

Hot glue on some rolled roses and your done.

Put it on and enjoy!!!!


Jamee said...


Maureen F. said...

So pretty - I need to give this a try !

Crystal said...

Wow this turned out so pretty. I love the rosettes.