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Inspiration Bracelets

If you read my post Saturday then you already know I have a pile of scraps from the  Jeans Quilt I made.

I have challenged myself to use all of the scraps!!! 
 First thing I did was take off all the waistbands.  So I needed to find a way to use up some waistbands. A bracelet seemed like a good idea. I wanted to keep it in the jeans theme so I added the leather label to the bracelet.  That's how the inspiration bracelet was born.

Here's what you'll need to make one:
Waistbands off of jeans
Alphabet metal stamps
mallet or hammer
jeans thread
button or velcro

Measure your wrist and add 1".  Cut the waistband of the jeans. I cut mine 8.5"

Cut a piece of leather to fit inside the waistband.

Using the mallet and the stamping letters

Stamp the word or words into the leather. (This is a great way to get out your frustrations. LOL!)

Here's what it will look like.

Open up the waistband and sew on the piece of leather.

Fold in each end of the waistband and pin.


Here it is so far. Almost finished.

Sew a button to the end without the hole.

Don't have leather and stamping tools, That's okay there all many options for this bracelet!

Here are two other styles I made.

For Dakota's I just hand embroidered his name. You could also write on it with a paint pen or sharpie.

For Aiyanna's I hot glued on a rolled rose.

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Jamee said...

very creative, green and quite STYLISH! way to go

Regina Moore said...

These are flippin' awesome! So creative!

Wendy said...

Oh, wow!!
Love them!

And your timing couldn't be better. The next craft night I'm attending has an altered couture bracelet theme!! I kid you not. What are the chances?

Thank you for the inspiration,and the directions. I've never worked with leather, but you make it look so easy!

Fonda @Southern Scraps said...

Very clever and cute!

Staci J said...

Those are super cute!! Way to use old scraps!
Visiting from justsewsassy.com