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Making It Easier

I wanted  to try a tutorial that I saw a while back and went to my bookmarked items.  Wouldn't you know I forgot to bookmark it. *UGH* Luckily I remembered what blog it was on so I went to find it.  I spent an ENTIRE naptime searching through the archives for that specific project and couldn't find it. I wanted to make it easier for everyone to find the tutorial they are looking for so they don't spend hours trying to find it.
So I finally figured out how to add a page of all of my tutorials.  Just click on the Tutorials tab at the top and scroll down. Click on the  link below the picture and you are there.  I really hope this makes it easier for y'all to find what youp this u looking for!!!!

Don't forget to check out the Denim Design Challenge!!!
 I can't wait to see what you create!

I have some great denim projects coming this week!


CraftyBrit said...

That's a great idea! Thanks for sharing, I'll probably have to make some today :)