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Scrap Buster: Rolled Roses

After making the Jeans Quilt I had a huge pile of cut up jeans to deal with.

My goal is to try to use every bit of the scraps and not throw any of it away.  When I was cutting the jeans for the quilt the first thing I did was cut off the hem of the pants.

 I decided to make some rolled flowers.

 I cut them at one seam.

Put some hot glue starting at one end down about 2.5"-3"

Roll it.


Hot glue and hold.

Twist some more.

Hot glue and hold again.

Continue twisting and gluing.

Stop when you have about 1.5" left.

Fold the tail underneath and hot glue.

That's it.


Dorian said...

Great idea...and very trendy!! Would be cute on a bag...all of 'em!!
Btw...I'm your newest follower!

Blue Creek Home said...

Great use of old jeans!

And, I love all of the gorgeous creations that you make for your little princess...she is so precious!

Tammy @ she wears flowers said...

I can hardly wait to see just what you do with these flowers!! Yay!