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Supplies Needed:

  • Fabric

  •  Lining fabric

  • Elastic

  • Scissors

  • Thread

  • Sewing machine
(For this skirt I used a silk dupioni curtain I scored at a thrift store)

For the skirt cut 2 rectangles 25"x 14" from the main fabric.

For the waistband cut 2 rectangles 14"x 3" from the main fabric.

For the skirt lining cut 2 rectanlges 14"x  11"

On the skirt rectangles make a small mark 4" from the bottom

Then mark it 2" in at the top.

Draw a line from dot to dot and cut.
Reapeat on the other side.

It will look like this.

Put right side of skirt together and sew.

Gather the bottom of the skirt (the widest end)

 Right sides together pin to lining and adjust gathers to fit.

Sew. Then turn right side out.

Next gather the top of the skirt

Wrong sides together. Pin skirt to lining and adjust gathers to fit.  Baste. Then set aside for a minute.

Grab you 2 waistband pieces. Right sides together sew the short edges together.

Fold the waistband in half and iron. (it's kinda hard to see in this photo because I needed to use a teflon pressing cloth)

Pin the waistband to the skirt top and serge. If you don't have a serger you can straight stitch and then use a tight zig zag stitch OR you can stitch one edge of the waistband to the skirt then fold over 1/4" and then fold in half and stitch. 
***Make sure to leave an opening so you can  put the elastic in***

Pull elastic through casing and stitch ends together. Then sew the hole closed.

Here it is made with silk dupioni.

Here it is made with knit.

And here it is made from cotton.

Here is a headband I whipped up for Aiyanna from the silk scraps and some matching tulle.

 I don't think she going to share it with me so I'm gonna have to make me one of my own.

If you have any questions or something is unclear please ask!!

***These demensions will fit a 2t/3t***

 To get the right fit use this formula:

Waist measurement X 0.75 = waistband length.
ex.  20" waist X 0.75 = 15" waistband length

Skirt width
 Waist measurement X 1.25 = width of skirt
ex 22" waist X 1.25 =  27.5" width

Skirt Length
Length from waist to knees X 1.5 = length of skirt
ex 12" to knees X 1.5 = 18" length

Lining Width
Waist measurement X 0.75 = width of lining
ex 22" X 0.75=16.5"

Lining Length
Measurement from waist to knees -1" = Length of lining
12" to knees-1"= 11"


Malou said...

Thanks so much for sharing the skirt tutorial. Your daughter is so adorable. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, simple & sweet! Thank you. I am going to whip one up today... My question is what size have you made, is it roughly a 2T?

Angie :-)

Kristen said...

I love it! Thank you for sharing!

Amy said...

Thank you! I'm just wondering about what size the measurements you gave make. I'm hoping to make about a 4T.

Melissa said...

The silk turned out particularly beautiful.

KasiaJ said...

Gorgeous! I love the silk one, and the polka dot one reminds me of a Tiffany lamp shade (in a good way).

Tonia said...

So so cute!! I love the headband too. I would love a tutorial if you haven't already done one. I have some material left from my wedding dress and would love to make some headbands for my girls :)
Thanks for linking up to What the Cr@ft!?!

AllieMakes! said...

Adorable! And the tutorial is done well!
Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie!


Keri said...

Thanks for sharing your excellent tutorial...I need to make a gift for my niece!

Tasha said...

Thank you for linking it up AND for making the tutorial. Thank you, thank you. I cannot wait to make one for my neice.

Kelley said...


Mayya @ Sew Chic and Unique said...

The skirt is adorable thank you every so much for sharing the tutorial!

I cant wait to make this for my girls

I would love it if you stopped by and linked up to my link up party Sew Crafty Saturday over at Sew Chic and Unique

Mayya @ Sew Chic and Unique

Joyelle said...

thanks for linking up to I heart naptime!

Jill said...

Oh my goodness! Is there anything you can't sew?? Fabulous skirt - from a curtain! And that hairband you just whipped up from the scraps is brilliant! I'm in awe!

Thanks for linking!

Jill @ Creating my way to Success

julia said...

really adorable love those polkadots :)

Crystal said...

This is so cute! I tried to make one once but it didn't turn out so well. I think I'll try your tutorial next.

Mayya @ Sew Chic and Unique said...

You've been featured at Sew Chic and Unique

Thanks for linking up to Sew Crafty Saturday dont forget to grab the i've been featured button

Lana @ SweetJilliBeanz.com said...

Very cute! Thanks for showing it using different types of fabric.

Molly {Eeny Meeny & Moe} said...

LOVE this! Wish I had a little girl to make one for... maybe I could make them for my nieces :)

Ashlee Marie said...

It looks so fun~! I like the different colors and fabrics too. What a great skirt! Thanks for linking up to Topsy Turvy Tuesday's!

MusicalMommy said...

I am thinking Christmas outfit. Golden skirt, with a matching headband. Don't worry I will find a top too, she won't be naked on top. lol Thanks for the tutorials!

Emily said...

This is so darling! I love the different versions you made.