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A Little Black Dress

This elegant dress was completed in just 3 simple steps. 
It was made using a skirt 3 sizes to big and a dress 1 size to small.
LOVE this dress!!!

Here is the waaayyyy to big skirt I started with. It's a size 6. It was so pretty and super cheap that I just couldn't pass it up. I {love} a good bargain!!

STEP  1:
Cut the bodice off the dress.

Pin the bodice of the dress to the skirt.
I pinned it just above the crochet trim. I wanted it to flow and not look "homemade".

Sew or serge the bodice to the skirt.

Now you have a beautiful little blackdress for your princess to wear all winter long.

I like that the length is a little longer on this dress. Having the hem a little longer is sure to keep those little legs a little warmer on the COLD Sunday mornings that are coming soon.

(better photos coming soon :0)


Beth @ Wiccan Make Some Too said...

Very cute! The dress is too.

Tammy @ she wears flowers said...

This looks beautiful! You sure get a lot done!!

Crystal said...

Very pretty.