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Busy Little Hands

As any mom knows if you keep little hands busy they are less likely to be mischievous.
All I have to do is ask "Who wants to do art/craft project?"
They both shriek and run to the table.

Sometimes it's something simple like...



sometimes painting.....
and sometimes a specific project.

One day last week they made pom pom wreaths.   They used springy pastel colors.

I cut little circle wreath shapes out of foam.
Gave them each a little cup of glue, paint brush, and a pile of pom poms.

They spent a good hour working diligently on their wreath . They each made two wreaths.  They had to use all of their pom poms.
Did you notice their serious, I'm concentrating,  faces?

They are so proud of the wreaths.

They get to have fun and be creative while I can get stuff done without worrying about what they are doing?
It's win - win!!!

What do you do to keep little hands busy?


Tammy @ she wears flowers said...

Always trying to occupy my little helper so I can keep working! This is fantastic. She begged me to buy neon pom poms yesterday and now I can put her to work with them today while I finish a big project--YAY!! Thank you!!

Unknown said...

My oldest son is constantly coloring, drawing or writing a story and he is 8 years old. My middle guy is 5 and he is always on my heels telling me a story or just asking questions and my youngest guy is 2 and he is just always complaining how nothing goes his way LOL! I love finding activities that they can all do, which is usually drawing or coloring I love crafty things and keeping what my children make :)


Kimberlee, The Spunky Diva said...

That looks great. What a fun craft project.