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Downsizing T-Shirts

Today my husband brought me a shirt {one I had been eyeing} and told me I could have it.
It has a saying on it "Out of  my mind, Back in 5 minutes"  Sometimes when Dakota does something he knows he's not supposed to do I'll ask him if he's lost his mind.  So I knew right away I was going to re-size this shirt to fit Dakota.

Supplies Needed:
  • T-shirt to be re-sized
  • T-shirt that fits
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Sewing Machine

Lay down the t-shirt that is going to be re-sized.
Next lay a t-shirt that fits on top of it.  Fold the sleeves onto the chest so they are out of the way.

Cut around the shirt the that fits. Cut about a 1/2" away from the shirt to allow for the seam. 

Now take the front shirt piece and cut a kind of U shape between the shoulders as pictured above.

Now we need to cut the sleeves.  So grab the piece left of the shirt to be re-sized. Lay the sleeve of the shirt that fits on top of it.  Cut. Make sure you leave 1/2" for the seam.

Here is what your cut sleeve should look like.

Lay the sleeve you just cut out on top of the other shirt sleeve. Use it as a template to cut out the other sleeve.

Now for the neck binding grab the fabric you cut off from the bottom of the t-shirt.
Cut a rectangle 2" wide and the length to fit the neck of the shirt.

Lay the shirt front and back pieces right sides together. Pin ONE shoulder.

Sew the shoulder.

Iron the seam towards the back.

Fold the neck binding piece in half  width wise so it is 1" wide.  Iron.

Pin the neck binding to the neck of the shirt. 


Iron the seam downward.

Here is what your shirt should look like so far.

Pin the shoulder that's not sewn together.


Iron the seam towards the back.

Now pin the center of the sleeve to the shoulder hem of the shirt.

Continue pinning the sleeve to the shirt matching the ends.


Repeat with the other sleeve.

Fold the shirt right sides together. Match up the sleeve seams and pin as pictured above.

Pin the shirt.

Sew down each side. Make sure to stop and pivot the shirt at the armpit.

Fold up the bottom of the shirt 3/4" and press.

Sew. I like to use a double needle for this. I think it makes it look more professional.

I also top stitch around the neck to give it a finished look.

I promise I didn't forget to brush Dakota's hair. He wanted to have messed up hair in the picture.
(Proof that this is the perfect shirt  for him, LOL!)


Tammy @ she wears flowers said...

So glad I caught this as I was closing things down for the night!! It looks great!

I have a St. Patrick's Day t-shirt to downsize for my daughter and have to get it done tomorrow. I have been dragging my feet because I am not sure how to do it and you gave me the tutorial! I may not do this much to the shirt (it doesn't have to lose that much in size), but I feel much more able to tackle it now! I just love your projects!!

Unknown said...

Thank you!! I have been trying to find a way to get the neck ribbing the right size. I got it now :)

Lisa H. (Sewing or Something) said...

My first attempt is today!! Wish me luck!

Unknown said...

You're amazing! Great job! Thanks for linking up and make sure and add our button to your collection! Thanks!