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A Dream Come True

I have DREAMS.
Lots of dreams!
Some of my dreams are really big and some are small.
 This past week one of my dreams came true.
Being that I LOVE to sew I dream and hope that my kids will want to learn how to sew.
A couple weeks ago my son asked "Mommy are you going to teach me how to sew?"
Smiling ear to ear I replied "Do you want to learn?"
Dakota said " Yes!"  *squeal*
So about a week went by and out of the blue he asked when I was going to teach him to  knew then he really wanted to learn this craft.
So I pulled out my other sewing machine and gave him a piece of fabric. I threaded the machine for him.
I showed him how to raise and lower the foot, push the pedal to make it go, and to push the scissor button to
 cut the thread.  I showed him how to sew a straight line and then let him sew.  I just had him sew straight lines on a piece of scrap so he could get a feel for the machine.

 He did sooooo good!
This is Dakota's practice sewing.  I think it's awesome for the first time he has ever sewn. Not to mention he is only 5 years old.
This morning he wanted to sew again. I thought he was ready for a simple project.
  I wanted something that wouldn't take to long and something he could use.  I also wanted it to be straight line stitching since he is new to sewing.
So he made bean bags.  I cut out 5" squares for him and then he sewed them.

He is so proud of them!  He asked if he could make some for his sister too.
He specified the fabric needed to be pink because that's her favorite color.
So we went to through the stash and he picked some princess fabric.

Aiyanna was thrilled! She has been hugging on her big brother all day.

They are a little wonky. But he did an awesome job.
Much better than my first sewing project.


Lisa H. (Sewing or Something) said...

Love it! so cute!

Sharon said...

He did a great job!! It brings tears to my eyes when a little one want to learn to sew! My oldest son ask me a couple of weeks ago if I would teach him how sew, I think we give this a go this weekend. Thanks for sharing!!


Beth said...

Hooray! He did fantastic. I love it when my daughter wants to sew too, I get so excited. It's such a fun thing to do together.

Deanna said...

Sewing with my children ( mostly Daughter is interested) is one of the great pleasures of my life.

Unknown said...

My 5 yo is always wanting to help me and I am so scared that he is going to hurt himself, but I think after I am comfortable myself, I will let him start helping me :)

Unknown said...

Aw, he looks so cute! My 5yo always wants to help me but I was paranoid that he would hurt himself. Maybe once I get used to it, I can have him help :)