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Fringe Benefits

I've been in a scarf mood lately.
Kinda weird....... 
 I don't really wear them much, but lately I've been wearing them more often (compared to never).
I used to wear them all the time, before babies.
Since having kids I guess I just see them as being in the way.
That and the fact that little ones like to pull on them.
Now that the kids are a little older and won't just walk up and yank on the scarf anymore....umm....hopefully I've started to wear them again without the fear of being choked by a 2 year old.
So this morning I made an Infinity Scarf with a twist.
And guess what!?!
No sewing is required!!!
All you need is a T-shirt and Scissors

Quick! Go grab a t-shirt and a pair of scissors and let's get started!!!
I used a men's 2x so it would be long and I could double it around my neck.

Fold the t-shirt in half so the sleeves are laying one on top of the other.
Cut the bottom off just below the arm pits.

To make the fringe you are going to cut slits every 1/2".  I made my slits 8" high. You can make them whatever length you like.

Here it is with all the slits cut.

Next one by one you are going to pull each strip so it curls.  Don't pull to hard, you don't want to break the strip.

Here is what it looks like after all the fringe strips are curled.

Now it's ready to wear.
Mine is real long so I doubled it around my neck.



Tammy @ she wears flowers said...

I love it--just can't think about a scarf of any kind until fall. I've had it with winter and, up here, I am not convinced it is completely over!! ;)

DANA said...

Guess what?! You made the finals for Best of March at Saturday Mornings! Congrats! Here is the link to the announcement post!


huana said...

Like! Like! LIke!

Amelia Marie said...

Too clever! I WILL be trying one for myself!

madison avenue said...

this is super cute! i love fringe!!! thanks for linking it up!

Unknown said...

Oh that's great!