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Make Difference Monday {3}

This week I want to share with you about Josie.
Isn't that smile contagious?!?!!!
Josie is the youngest of 4 children.
Josie was born with HLHS (a congenital heart defect where the left side of her heart was too small to function). They call them "babies with half a heart." She had her 1st open heart surgery at 3 days old June 23, 2008, 2nd open heart surgery at 6 months, and her 3rd surgery will be this March 26th, 2011.

Do you want to help this sweet little girl?
After her surgery she will not be able to lift her arms.
So she is in need of kimonos.  Just like we did for Lily.
Here is a great Kimono Pattern at Habitual.
I have my fabric picked out! Iam going to try to get it in the mail by Friday because her surgery is next  week.

Her measurements are:

Josie  is 2.5 years old and weighs 24 pounds
She wears a 2T
Chest: 19.5"
Sleeve length (if you make long sleeve) from top of shoulder to wrist is 11"
Shoulder to hip is 13.5", to above the knee is 19", below is 20"

Please mail your kimono's to:

For Josie Mae
2610 Hollow Lane
Signal Mt., TN 37377

I want to say thank you in advance!  Thank you for using your time and talents to make life a little easier for Josie and her family during her recovery!!! 

Please keep Josie and her family in your prayers!


musicmimi said...

You are such a blessing to "Josie Mae" and her family. I am "Josie's" mimi (grand mom). She is 1 of my 7 grand angels....thanks from the bottom of my <3 heart.....
love and prayers to you and all the sweet ladies for reaching out and showing your love at this difficult time... :)

Tammy @ she wears flowers said...

You are so good Nancy! I have a "loaner" serger this week and am planning to get 2 kimonos done, now. Thanks for providing a great service opportunity!

musicmimi said...

~Please go to carepages.com, sign in and visit josiewright pages.
~Josie's Updates by her mom,Shila~
~Posted 10 hours ago~
~~I talked to Josie briefly about what is coming up next week. I kept it short and basic. We are going on a trip and get to ride on an airplane. We are going to a hospital and a doctor will fix the boo boo in her heart. She listened, said "okay" and then ran outside and told Emma.... she was going on an airplane. I'm glad that's the part that stuck with her.
~~ Some very kind women, whom we do not know, made and have been sending us kimono's for Josie to wear after her surgery. They are in the cutest prints and it will make dressing easier afterwards. They all are part of a group of women who know each other through their sewing blogs. They are from all over. They know about her upcoming surgery, and are doing this just because they want to. They have absolutely nothing to gain by it. They will likely never meet us. They just know her story. Wow. We have opened four now and Josie is eager each day to walk to the mailbox and see if someone sent her a 'mono. She is thrilled with opening the packages, trying them on, and carries the little note cards around for hours. Today, when Andy came home from work, she ran to him with her hands full of them and said,"Look Dada at my 'monos, I am going to wear them at the hospital when they rub that thing over my chest." It was an emotional moment for me to see her sweet face and her innocent idea about what was to come. I hope those women know they have done much more than make kimonos.
~~Last weekend, our family and community we grew up in, hosted a fundraiser for Josie. So many people gave of their time preparing for and working at the event all day. Once again, it was a true example of service. I am so touched at the out-pouring of goodness we have experienced. How truly selfless and considerate others can be. Obviously, there are times I am afraid and anxious about what lies ahead for Josie. But for those who say they are so sorry for this hardship in our lives, I wish they could also see the blessings. There have been so many. There have been and will continue to be difficult times ahead, but I think our Heavenly Father gives us tender mercies along the way so we can bear it. Sometimes, that can be through others.
~~Our trials are a blessing, if we allow ourselves to grow personally from them. The perspective we have gained through this about life has been one we would have never known. We remember to be thankful for little things and enjoy the moment. We remember that we should all speak a little kinder, have more tolerance, and don't sweat the things that don't really matter. We are learning to really trust in our Heavenly Father's plan for our lives. Ultimately, we are learning you have to love the road your on, challenges and all. There is always something to be grateful for, even if just the morning after the night. ~Shila~