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Make Difference Monday {5}

This week I want to talk about something me and my children particiapte in.
Our church has partnered with Helping Hands.
On the first Saturday of every month we go to the Atlantic Beach Community Center.
We give out groceries. Milk, juice, eggs, bread, dry goods, etc.

They also offer free hair cuts and health assessments.

It really helps families who can't make ends meet!

I help with the children.
While the parents are going through the grocery line we have activities for kids.
Sometimes we put on a play, coloring activity, games.
Just something fun for them.
On holidays we like to do something special for them.
At Christmas each child received a donated toy. For Easter we will be giving them candy.
 I decided to make some TAGGIE BLANKET to give to the babies since they can't eat candy.
So far I have 9 made.

Ok, I know you are wondering what this has to do with you.
I am going to challenge you this week.
Make 1 or 2 taggie blankets.
 Find a womens shelter or pregnancy crisis in your area and donate them.

Please come back and tell me about your experience.
I would love to hear!!!!

Taggie Blanket Tutorial HERE