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Quick Change

Do you have a pillow that needs sprucing up?
How about making a new cover for it.
Slip covers are soooo quick and easy to make.
To make it even quicker I used a tea towel. 
The edges were already hemmed so I just had to fold and sew.

Supplies Needed:
  • Tea Towel
  • Thread
  • Sewing Machine

Here's the towel I started with.
 I love the ribbon trim and the coordinating fabric on the one end. 

Fold it in half and iron.

You will have a nice crease marking the middle.

Fold over one end so that it is 1/2" past the crease.

Fold over the other end so that it overlaps.

Sew down each edge.

Turn right side out.

I love that I can flip it to either side and get a little different look

The great thing is you can change it out any time you like.
I'm going to try to find tea towels for each holiday.
Then I can just change the cover instead of making a new pillow for evey holiday.
Another plus is that slip covers are sooo much easier to store than big pillows!