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Recycle Those Magnets!

 I had a bag full of little magnets.
You know, the ones that come on the front of phone books, magnetic business cards, etc
I have been saving them thinking I would find something to do with them.
Finally I figured out how to use them up.

A while back Grandma gave us some paper dolls when we were organizing the art room.
I have kept them put up because Aiyanna likes to rip up paper and I didn't want the paper dolls to get ripped up.
I glued the doll and clothes onto the magnets. After the glue dried I cut them out.

Now Aiyanna can play with them and I don't have to worry about them being ripped into tiny pieces.
It makes us both happy : o)  


Unknown said...

Such a fantastic idea! Now I am sad I let my kids play with the paper dolls my mil gave them and tore up and not saving all of those magnets LOL!

~Beth D. said...

adorable idea! thanks for the inspiration!