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What I've Been Doing

I just realized I didn't post my Tuesday and Thursday projtects.
They go together so I guess it's better to post them at the same time any way.

I bet you have no idea what this is.
A friend of mine just became a Grandma. She had bought a bassinet for the baby.  She didn't like the mattress that came with it.She said it was only a 1/2" thick and was to hard. She asked me to make a new
matress for it.  And I gladly did so!

I bought a 2" thick flame retardant compression foam. I had to cut it down because they didn'thave it in the size I needed. I also bought some Baby Dri fabric to make the cover waterproof (a must for babies).

I left one end open and added velcro. That way if they want to wash it they can pull out the foam and throw it in the wash.

Because the matress is thicker I don't think the other sheets are going to fit so I made a couple.
Oh it's a boy.  Did the camoflauge give it away?

If you would like a tutorial just ask.  I didn't take pictures because they needed it quickly but I can draw  pictures. That might be better any way.

Have A Great Weekend!!