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Not What I Had Pictured

Do you ever have a project idea in your head and it doesn'tcome out quite as you planned.
That happened to me yesterday.
I was working on a new shirt and dress pattern. The shirt (HERE) came out perfect, but the dress not so much.
It was to long for one. And the ruffle is okay, but it didn't turn out like I saw it in my head.
I love the fabric though. It's a vintage sheet I bought at Goodwill a year ago.
Luckily they make super cute pajama's.

I think they are perfect summery pajama's.
I love them so much that I might make myself some to match!


Make Difference Monday {9}

We had a wonderful weekend!
I'll share more on that tomorrow along with few pictures.

Today I want y'all to meet Annabelle.

Annabelle was born on July 20, 2010.
Annabelle was born with a variation of HLHS (Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome,) her official diagnosis is an unbalanced AVSD (Atrioventricular Septal Defect) with a hypoplastic left heart and aorta. Basically, instead of one valve to the right ventricle and one to the left, she has a whole in between them which make them one big valve. On top of that, it is "unbalanced" meaning the one big valve is more over the right ventricle than the left, which caused limited bloodflow to the left ventricle, thus the hypoplastic left heart and aorta.
Due to this Annabelle has been aunable to leave the hospital. She has been in the hospital 279 days.
On April 9, 2011 Annabelle received a heart transplant.  She is now recovering and so far her new heart is working well.

They are anxoiusly waiting for the day they can all be at home together!

When I read Annabelle's story HERE I knew right away I wanted to do something for Annabelle.
I emailed Krista (her Mom) and asked if Annabelle needed anything.
She said Annabelle could use just about anything, as they are preparing to go home for the first time ever.
As you can imagine with Mom being at the hospital with Annabelle there isn't time for shopping.
Annabelle needs summer clothes.  Mom thinks something that opens easilyin the front would be wonderful since she will have tons of doctors appointments. I am going to make her some summery kimono shirts and skirts. I believe she will need 12-18 months size. I  will post a pattern hopefully tomorrow for a kimono top in 12-18 months size. 

I hope you will join me in making something for Annabelle!


Summer Time Shirt

Did you notice the shirt Aiyanna was wearing with her "Upcycled Gauchos" ?
Not really? Well here's another look.

It's made of the prettiest blue cotton fabric.  Iam in love with the color of this fabric. Isn't it beautiful?!?
 I'm sure you will be seeing more of this fabric in the future :o) 

It buttons up the back.

As I was working on the gauchos I knew I wanted to make a shirt to go with it.  I also knew I wanted it to have a square neck line made from crochet trim.

It has 3 shell buttons on the back. At the top, on the crochet trim, it is fastened with a hook and eye.

I didn't havew a pattern for this one. So I just made my own. 
I LOVE the way it turned out.
It fits her perfect too. I was a little shocked at that.  I usually have to tweek things to get them right, but this one is right on the first try.

So what do you think?
Is it something you would make for a little girl?

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!!!!!!


Making Them Last A Little Longer

With it being Earth Day I thought an upcycled  project would be appropriate.
I have had this little pair of gauchos in my "Do Something With This" pile for a long while now.
Aiyanna wore these when she was about 18 months old through last summer.
By the end of last summer the snap crotch kept coming unsnapped.
 They are size 12-18 months but because she has such a tiny waist they still fit her in the waist.
I loved these and knew I could do something to make them last a little longer. I love the outcome!
Check out the before and after photos

Here's how I turned them into a skirt:

First I cut the snaps out of the crotch. front and back.

Next I folded them as pictured above. Then I cut them so it was a straight line from the zipper down to the hem.
When you unfold them you will have a upside down v cut.

Next I laid the skirt over a piece of scrap sheets and marked the opening on the sheet.

Now you are going to cut about 1/2" outside the line you drew.

Cut pieces of crochet trim so they fit the length of the fabric scrap.

Sew the crochet trim to the triangle fabric.

As you can see there is extra hanging out past the fabric.
Cut the extra off.

Now it should look like this.

Next pin it to the gauchos so it fits in the inverted v as pictured above.

Sew. I sewed two lines to make ot match the hem.

Now she has a pretty skirt for this spring and summer!

Did you notice the mischevious look Aiyanna has in this picture?
Makes me wonder what she's thinking, LOL


Make Difference Monday {8}


Welcome back to another Make A Difference Monday!

Before we get started today I wanted to share a portion of a note Lilly's Mom sent this week.
" thank you for all your love, support, and prayers for Lilly. You are truly amazing, and you will never know how deeply you touched my family's hearts. I appreciate all the posts and kimonos. I never in a million years imagined I would be going through what I went through, but I can tell you that you and the other ladies that made kimonos made it so much easier to get through it. You all showed me that there are still people in this world with compassion and love for others and that God does show himself through living angels. "

It makes might heart joyful to know that through our talent of sewing we are truly able to "make a difference" in the lives of others.  I am honored that we were able to make life just a little easier for Lilly and her family while they go through this difficult time. It amazes me how something as little as sewing a shirt could make such an impact in someone elses life!

This Sunday is Easter!
As a child I LOVED Easter!!!
I always looked forward to the Easter bunny and Egg Hunts.  But my favorite thing about Easter was getting to wear a  new dress and brand new pretty white shoes. My Grandma Daniels made each of the Granddaugh ters a new dress every Easter. I always loved wearing my new Easter dress that was made just for me!!!
So I thought it would be wonderful to sew an Easter dress for a little girl. I am going to choose someone who's family is financial having a hard time.  Someone who otherwise would not have a new dress for Easter.
Will you join me?
Do you know a little girl who would LOVE a new dress for Easter???
It could be a niece, a friend's daughter, a little girl at church, etc.

It doesn't have to be elaborate.  It can be as simple as a pillowcase dress!
I am going to put up a link party on Friday so we can all show off the Easter dresses we made this week!
I can't wait to see them all!!!!

Here are some simple dress tutorials:


Photos as Promised

Today I want to share some photos of the Ladies Event I attended at my church last month.
I love that they are all dressed over the top!

Don't you love the sparkle hats and feather boas?


I laughed so hard I almost cried when I saw these two.
They are HILARIOUS!!!!!!



This backdrop is made from 3 screens. Each screen has 3 panels. And each panel has 3 fabrics.
It was a beautiful backdrop.




Isn't the stage set up beautiful?!?

Our Pastor's wife talked about friendship.  It was an amazing message!

Each one of these river rocks has the word THREADS had printed on it.


We rented a circus tent for the after party. It was closed up until after the message. I managed to sneak in and get some pictures before the 600+ ladies filled the tent.


I think gained 5 pounds just taking pictures of all of these.


And how could you miss out on the fun photo opp.
The had a few different painted picture frames and also some fun masks.