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Make Difference Monday {8}


Welcome back to another Make A Difference Monday!

Before we get started today I wanted to share a portion of a note Lilly's Mom sent this week.
" thank you for all your love, support, and prayers for Lilly. You are truly amazing, and you will never know how deeply you touched my family's hearts. I appreciate all the posts and kimonos. I never in a million years imagined I would be going through what I went through, but I can tell you that you and the other ladies that made kimonos made it so much easier to get through it. You all showed me that there are still people in this world with compassion and love for others and that God does show himself through living angels. "

It makes might heart joyful to know that through our talent of sewing we are truly able to "make a difference" in the lives of others.  I am honored that we were able to make life just a little easier for Lilly and her family while they go through this difficult time. It amazes me how something as little as sewing a shirt could make such an impact in someone elses life!

This Sunday is Easter!
As a child I LOVED Easter!!!
I always looked forward to the Easter bunny and Egg Hunts.  But my favorite thing about Easter was getting to wear a  new dress and brand new pretty white shoes. My Grandma Daniels made each of the Granddaugh ters a new dress every Easter. I always loved wearing my new Easter dress that was made just for me!!!
So I thought it would be wonderful to sew an Easter dress for a little girl. I am going to choose someone who's family is financial having a hard time.  Someone who otherwise would not have a new dress for Easter.
Will you join me?
Do you know a little girl who would LOVE a new dress for Easter???
It could be a niece, a friend's daughter, a little girl at church, etc.

It doesn't have to be elaborate.  It can be as simple as a pillowcase dress!
I am going to put up a link party on Friday so we can all show off the Easter dresses we made this week!
I can't wait to see them all!!!!

Here are some simple dress tutorials: