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Not What I Had Pictured

Do you ever have a project idea in your head and it doesn'tcome out quite as you planned.
That happened to me yesterday.
I was working on a new shirt and dress pattern. The shirt (HERE) came out perfect, but the dress not so much.
It was to long for one. And the ruffle is okay, but it didn't turn out like I saw it in my head.
I love the fabric though. It's a vintage sheet I bought at Goodwill a year ago.
Luckily they make super cute pajama's.

I think they are perfect summery pajama's.
I love them so much that I might make myself some to match!


Tammy @ she wears flowers said...

Gorgesou pj's that is!!

I'd love to see the top of this nightgown up close and personal--it looks so pretty!

There must be lots of fabric left if that was a sheet and I can't wait to see what it becomes. This is definitely not a failed project--just different that what it started out to be! ;)