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Slipper Sew Along { Day 1 }

Good Morning!
I am so glad you decided to join me this week for the Slipper Sew Along.
Wanna get in on it? It's not the late!
Click HERE for the list of supplies.

OK, today is going to be super easy.
Prepare your fabrics by washing, drying, and ironing them.
(You should always do this before you start cutting out  have prepared your pattern)
After you have prepared your fabrics you are ready to cut out the pattern pieces.
First you'll need to determine what size you need to make. I wear a 10 and the large is a perfect fit.
My Mom wears an 8 so I am making her the medium size.

Cut out your pieces as directed by the pattern. In addition cut 2 pieces of fusible interfacing for the straps.
It really gives some stability to the straps. Otherwise they are really flimsy.
Also I couldn't find Jiffy Grip so I am using red suede for the soles.

Now you are ready to iron your interfacing to wrong side of the top pieces and the straps.

Iron the fusible fleece to the wrong side of the inner soles.

Transfer pattern markings onto your fabric.
That's it for today.
I'll see you tomorrow and we will start sewing our slippers!


Anonymous said...

What an adorable pair of slippers! Who would have ever thought to make them!!! I love the polka dots!

Karima said...

Hi I am your newest follower/s via Handmade Tuesdays. Would love if you could pop by my pages too, Karima.

Ps: You have some great tutorials, I will definitely be revsiting this blog very soon!

Kelly @livingcraftilyeverafter said...

I feel like I say this 20 times a day- but I wish I knew how to sew!!! These are SO cute!!!!

Found you through Sugar Bee!


PS- I am hosting a giveaway on my blog right now for free hair accessories and would love for you to come enter!


Ashley said...


Janet said...

Nancy! Thank you so much for this, I can't WAIT to try it myself!!!!