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A Tip For Tuesday

Matching socks.
Does anyone actaually like to match socks?!
It drives me crazy!!!
You know how socks are.  If they make it past the laundry "sock monster" they are a pain to match.
Especially if they are all white and the exact same style!
Why is it that you can have five pairs of the exact same socks, but they never wash and wear the same???
Each pair seems to wash and wear just a little differently.
Have you ever noticed that?
Well we now have a way in our house to tell which two socks go together.
It is super simple!!!

All it takes is fabric markers, socks, and some creativity!
Yeah,I know, left and right is not very original.
But I did get a little more creavtive!
The happy faces make me smile! And I love the swirls too.
Now I won't have any problems making sure I wear the same two socks together.
And a bonus, even my kids can match the socks  :o) I love that they love to help Mommy.

So how will you decorate your socks???


Unknown said...

I hate matching socks. I have to do them all because the hubs and kids will just stick any two socks together. Maybe this could be the answer. TFS!

Unknown said...

So fun!!! Thanks for linking up!

Lisa H. (Sewing or Something) said...

I did this btw! But with numbers cause my kids are older