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Spiral French Braid

When I was a little girl I loved to have my Mom style my hair.
My fondest childhood memory is my Mom braiding my hair in lots of little braids so that the next day it would be wavy.  I had very  long, very thick hair so it took what seemed like forever, but I loved it. It was our time.
 Since the day I found out I was having a girl I dreamed of the time we would spend taking as I styled her hair. Ever since her hair was long enough two get a little pony tail on the top of her head I have been fixing her hair. Pony tails, pig tails, and of course, hair bows.
Recently though she is letting me style her hair. French braids, buns, twists, etc.
It makes me so happy!  It's our special time. Just the two of us.
We get tons of compliments on her hair styles!
I thought it would be fun to share one of them with you.

This hairstyle would look great on any one, any age.
It is perfect for a bride, flower girl, formal dance, or just to play.
This style looks a lot more complicated than it really is.
You do need to be able to french braid.
When doing this hairstyle I always do a reverse french braid so that the braid is out.
You can do a regular french braid though.

First thing you need to do is wet the hair. ( I use a spray bottle).
Pull hair into a ponytail. Then part it so that 1"-1.5" of hair is pulled out of the ponytail.

Starting at your natural part french braid all the way around. When you get to the end secure it with a rubber band or clippie.

Now you are going to pull hair out of the ponytail again. Same as before.

Take the rubber band or clippie out and continue french braiding. 

Let down the rest of the ponytail and continue to braid to the end of the hair.
Secure with a rubber band.

Wind the braid into a bun and secure with bobby pins.
Spray it with hairspray.

Aiyanna loves this style and I love that her hair is out of her face!

Put a chair or stool in the middle of the floor so you can just walk around when you are braiding. It is so much easier for youto move than to have them move again and again.

If you have any questions please ask!!!!!

Would you like to see more of the hairstyles we do?