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Super Simple Tablecloth

Want to dress up your table?
Want a satisfying project that only takes a few minutes?
If you answered yes, then this is a project for you.

I have had a piece of yellow decor fabric laying around for a while now.
I couldn't decide what to use it for. Well, I finally made up my mind.
I decided on a tablecloth.
The fabric just happened to be the right size so all I had to do was hem it.
I just ran it through the serger so there wouldn't be fraying edges.

 Yellow is just so bright and cheery.
 I think I might add a coordinating fabric to the sides so it hangs over the sides longer.
It's a little shorter on the sides than I like.

And because I love shells this is my table center piece for now.
Different sized glass jars full of  a few of the shells that we have found at the beach.

One day I'll show you our big container of shells.


Making Clothes Last {Pajamas}

So yesterday I showed you how I made Dakota's jeans last a little longer.
Today I'll show you how I make Aiyanna's pajamas last a longer.

As you can see these pajama pants are too short. But what else would you expect when a tall 3 year old is wearing a 2t. What you can't tell in this picture is that they are also too tight from the bottom to just a little below her knees. It took me just 5 minutes to make them last a little longer.

First thing I did was cut one leg off to just a little below the knees.

Fold them in half making sure the waistband is even.

Now cut the second leg.

Here's what you'll have.

Next I sewed a rolled hem using the serger. Stretch the fabric as you sew to give it the lettuce edge.
***You can also do this on the sewing macine. Just use a tight zigzag stitch***

Here is what the hem will look like.

We need to take care of the thread tail so grab a needle. Insert the needle into the rolled hem and thread the tail through the eye.

Pull it through the hem.

Now you can cut off any excess.

I think I like them better like this :o)

You can make shorts using the same technique.


Making Clothes Last {Jeans}

Are they ever going to stop?! Growing, that is.
In the last 6 weeks Dakota has grown another 1/2" and Aiyanna has grown another 1".
Seriously, do your kids grow this fast??? I know they are tall for their age but geesh!!!
Since they  seem to grow non-stop they are constantly growing out of their clothes non-stop.
NOT good for the wallet so I am always trying to find ways to make their clothes last a little longer. That is sooooo much easier to do with girls clothes, add a ruffle or lace to the bottom and your good to go. For boys not so easy. Since winter is over and he has jeans that are to short yet fit in the waist I decided to turn them into jean shorts. Now he can get some more wear out of his jeans and I can save some money (always a good thing!)

I took pictures of the process so I could share them with you!

Supplies Needed:
  • Jeans Thread
  • Jeans Sewing Needle
  • Scissors
  • Tape Measure
  • Sewing Machine

Grab a pair of shorts you like the length of and measure the inseam (crotch to hem).
To that number add 1.5" for hem allowance. So if the inseam is 11" your total would be 12'5"

Grab the jeans and cut at the measurement you just calculated.

Now cut the other leg.

Fold up the hem 3/4" and then another 3/4". Press.

Now it's time to sew.  Make sure to change your needle to a jeans needle! The eye of the needle is larger which is needed for the jeans thread. Jeans thread is thicker than regular thread and comes in different colors. I have it in white, black, denim, and golden. Make sure to use the color thread that matches the thread on the jeans.

Another thing I do when hemming jeans is set the tension looser and make the stitch length a little longer. It helps keep the thread from breaking.

That's it. It was totally worth the 10 minutes to save some $$.


Make A Difference Monday {14}

I'm really excited about this weeks Make a Difference Monday!!!!!!
Why am I so excited?? I'm glad you asked!
This week we are going to do something that can help support our soldiers.
They sacrifice and give up soooo much for our freedoms.
So this is a chance for a to say thank you to them.
Don't worry. This isn't time consuming and it's simple.
Is the suspense killing you?


We all have old cell phones laying around in desk, stashed in storage, or perhaps in the toy box.
By donating your old cellphones you can help soldiers call their loved ones back home.
Donated cell phones are sold to a company that recycles them. The money received from recycling cell phones is used to purchase calling cards that are sent to troops in need.

Please send your cell phones to:
Nancy Brumfield
1506 Festival Ave
North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582

My goal is to collect 1000 cell phones by August 31,2011
Please help me reach this goal by spreading the word!!!
I would love it if you grabbed the button :o)

Nancy's Couture